Why Should I Get SIA Qualified?

There were many grumbles in the security industry when the Licensing Act of 2001 went through requiring that those working in various security disciplines receive licensing after course completion. This mandate was certainly not set into place to make working in the industry more difficult. In fact, it was put into place to help keep incidents of a serious nature down. It was imposed to help the professionals of the industry learn better skills for their craft and to increase public confidence in the security positions.

The number one reason for anyone in the security to go through with their SIA licensing is simply because it’s the law. Without a license you are not likely to get or maintain employment, and who wants to deal with that? Since the SIA training courses and the licenses are not difficult to get, it is completely in the best interest of your financial health to get on with it.

Moreover, there are some legal consequences for working in the security industry without the appropriate license. If your employer is aware that you are not licensed then there are additional legal consequences for the employer as well. Because of the potential legal risk, unlicensed security workers that do manage to find work do so at a lower rate. Without the training and the SIA licensing you simply will never be as qualified as someone who has been trained and is licensed to legally work in the field.

The higher you take your license level the more employable you are, the higher rate you will experience, and the more confidence you will have within your position. Some of the security fields present some very obvious risk factors. Transporting cash and valuables is a job that runs the risk of potential robbery or internal theft. Knowing how to handle the potential for said danger is just smart business for you.

Bouncers of night clubs often have to deal with a public that has been drinking and is intent on having a good time in their own way. Being equipped with numerous methods to diffuse the situation is much safer for you and the rest of the public than trying out your own wits against the drunkards’.

The security industry is filled with potential pitfalls and having the education simply helps ensure you and those around you that you are qualified and ready to do your job well. As a consequence, those in the security industry are taken more seriously by the public. With the knowledge that there is a required licensing and education program in progress, the public shows more respect to the voice of a security agent of any kind. It’s empowering to know that you are taken seriously when you have to deal directly with the public in any capacity.

There are many reasons to take the SIA training courses and get an SIA license. Naturally, avoiding fines and the loss of a job is one motivator. However, most people who do work in the industry are now able to go off to work with a stronger sense of confidence, a skill set that makes them more employable, and the knowledge base to help trouble stay at bay.