What is an SIA License?

The SIA license is a relatively new requirement and many potential security jobs might seem off limits because of this license. However, once you understand what an SIA license is, how to get one, and how much is involved it is quite likely that your mind will be put at ease and you’ll be able to go out and land that job in no time.

The SIA license, alternatively the Security Industry Authority License, was an established requirement implemented in 2001. The industry of private security requires this license for jobs such as security guards, bouncers at clubs and establishments, doormen, and CCTV operators. The aim is raise the basic standards which security personnel operate, lower unnecessary incidents of force, and help educate those dealing with the public on how to effectively manage the public in an authorative yet non—confrontational manner. This helps to increase public satisfaction, job satisfaction, as well as increase the safety and security of those on the job and those whom the job is supposed to protect.

The SIA licensing agency does offer some exemptions for those who can comply with the completion of an equitable course. Whether or not the course is up to SIA license standards is completely up to the licensing agency. Thus, if your security job requires training through the workplace that is equal to the requirements of the SIA licensing agency, you can simply apply for an exemption so that you don’t have to repeat the material twice.

This system also helps to ensure that those who are considered to be a high risk employee are discovered prior to employment. Proof of age (at least 18 years old), along with well a criminal investigative check are the two basic requirements for the application of the license. Sometimes the agency will request a declaration of mental health. This is often done either at the request of the company or because the agency has determined that the security job in question is high stress.

There are different courses available so that you are employable in your chosen framework of security, and you can hold numerous SIA licenses to cover various aspects of security work. The training for any individual course generally lasts for about a week or less so that you can complete the requirement before starting a new job or even sometimes before applying for jobs.

It usually only takes about 30 days for most applicants to process through the system, assuming that you took the time to properly fill out the application form. Incomplete applications are the biggest reasons for slow processing. Once you have gone through the SIA license requirements, passed the course, and have achieved your proven standard of safety and protocol, you will find that the process has taught you numerous ways to not only stay safe on the job but to help you perform your job without serious events. This way you can feel much more competent about nearly any situation that arises during the course of your work day.