The Different Types of SIA Licenses

An SIA license is required in the UK for all types of security positions, yet the licensing is offered specifically for different fields of security. There are people who maintain more than one type of SIA license so that they are more employable within the security field and there are those who choose to maintain just one SIA license that is required for their job.

Cash and Valuables in Transit:

In order to obtain the appropriate license for transporting cash and valuables you have to go through at least two levels of training before you are granted access to the course for front line cash and valuables in transit licensing. Once you receive your SIA license you will not be required to go back for refresher training unless there are significant changes made to the course.

Door Supervision:

There are many different licenses that are available for door supervision. You can choose to work your way through them all or you can take the required courses to reach the front line licensing. Door supervision focuses on your personal safety and other issues that concern the responsibilities of door supervision. There is no need for a refresher on this course, either.

CCTV Operator:

The SIA license for public space surveillance is offered through several levels culminating with the completion of a front line CCTV operator. These courses focus on techniques, safety, and job skills that relate directly to the proper methods of surveillance. The refresher courses for this position will not be necessary unless the basic standard changes.

Vehicle Immobilising:

Vehicle immobilising is one of the SIA license options available for those interested in the field. In order to be considered for the position of a front line vehicle immobiliser it is necessary to work through several courses. It is not unusual for the agency to request a declaration of mental health for the front line license. Once you have your SIA license in vehicle immobilising you will not be required to go back for further training unless the course standards change.

Security Guarding:

In order to qualify for the front line SIA license in security guarding you will have to complete alternate levels of training first. However, once you have the license for security guarding you will not be required to repeat your training. The course focuses on many various aspects of security guarding, including personal safety and security techniques.

Close Protection:

The front line SIA license for close protection will require about 150 hours of previous training plus the proven course completion of previous levels. Risk assessment, communication, and reconnaissance training are all part of the package. At this time, there are no refresher requirements without changes to the basic standards of operation for the course.

Key Holding:

As of right now there are no requirements for a key holding license. However, it is vital to note that in some cases, especially those which require that the key holder move from one location to another, the position is technically prequalified as manned guarding positions. Manned guarding requires an SIA license.

Each position offers the chance to learn new and more effective ways to handle just about any situation that you might encounter while on the job. It doesn’t take long to work your way through the ranks to a front line license. In many cases, there is only one or two prequalifying levels. All of the courses are licensed either toward Scotland, Northern Ireland, or Wales and England. The territory of initial licensing can be transferred to another territory, thus you don’t have to repeat licenses if you move or transfer to another location.