SIA Security Training Courses

New UK regulations require that SIA (Security Industry Authority) licensing is obtained by anyone in the various fields of security under the manned guarding fields, vehicle immobilisation, and key holding. Manned guarding includes jobs such as door supervision, security bouncers at clubs and pubs, close protection, security guarding, car parking supervision, and cash and valuables in transit.

These positions used to be unregulated and there seemed to be an obvious need for an increase in protocol training for the protection of security personnel, as well as for the safety of the public.

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SIA security training in the UK has proven to be a successful venture. Employees, whether they work directly for a company or are hired out on a per job basis, are more professional and capable than they were just ten years ago.

Get Training on a SIA Security Course

The training courses, which tend to average around 4 work days, are set up to involve the trainees in various levels of education. As you go through the training levels you have the option to become licensed for front line work, which in many cases puts you in charge. Of course the additional responsibility means higher pay packets.

The SIA licensing requirement has become a natural process for most individuals entering the security workforce these days. The potential for getting a good job without such licensing are slim, and those that do face fines and other legal consequences.

In order to complete a single licensing course for the SIA you simply have to attend the appropriate class, complete and pass the course. Upon passing, you will be able to apply for your license approval. Providing your application is successful, you’ll have the ability to apply for any security job that fits under your license requirements.

Additionally, the SIA license gives the public a higher sense of faith in security personnel. It is now well established that the education of security employees leads to better results on the job. Employers love it as the rate of injury claims have dropped since the mandate was passed. Because of that, most employers are not even willing to consider you for a position without a license.

At this time you are not required to repeat your training for any of the individual SIA licenses. The only way you will be called back for additional training is if the SIA decides to alter their basic requirements and protocol for your particular discipline. Thus, most people who go through the effort of becoming front line SIA licensed will have their license for the rest of their working lives.

If you are concerned about the license or want to know if you qualify, the official SIA standard is a simple proof that you are at least 18 years of age and passing the standard criminal history check. Provided that you can meet these two requirements you can enter into the classes. For some areas, especially front line areas, of security you might be asked for a testament of your mental health.

The bottom line is that the SIA licensing requirement has made the field of security a safer and more respected job throughout the UK. The potential for better employment opportunities exists for those that get the training.

Moreover, those who are hired into positions of security know how to handle themselves and perform their jobs effectively. So, even if security fields are only a consideration for you, getting your SIA license will open up opportunities for you that you simply can’t have without it.