SIA Security Training Courses

SIA Security Training Courses

New UK regulations require that SIA (Security Industry Authority) licensing is obtained by anyone in the various fields of security under the manned guarding fields, vehicle immobilisation, and key holding. Manned guarding includes jobs such as door supervision, security bouncers…

The Different Types of SIA Licenses

Types of SIA Licenses

An SIA license is required in the UK for all types of security positions, yet the licensing is offered specifically for different fields of security. There are people who maintain more than one type of SIA license so that they…

How to Get an SIA License?

How to Get an SIA License

An SIA license (Security Industry Authority license) is a UK requirement for those individuals who work in various fields of security. Getting the license is not all that difficult. You need to bear in mind that there are different levels…

Why Should I Get SIA Qualified?

Get SIA Qualified

There were many grumbles in the security industry when the Licensing Act of 2001 went through requiring that those working in various security disciplines receive licensing after course completion. This mandate was certainly not set into place to make working…

What is an SIA License?

What is an SIA License

The SIA license is a relatively new requirement and many potential security jobs might seem off limits because of this license. However, once you understand what an SIA license is, how to get one, and how much is involved it…

SIA Training Courses

SIA Training Courses

The SIA training courses vary by security field discipline. The initial training starts with the basics for keeping you and those you work with and for safe. As you move through the levels you will find that the SIA training…